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Amor is Israel's leading luxury fashion boutique. We are your gateway into the world of elite style, your home for opulence and splendor.

Since 1994, Amor delivers the best in global brands for both men and women. Amor operates via a network of four stores nation-wide in which you would find and enjoy an exclusive selection of top luxe brands specifically suited for the finer fashion taste.

It all started over two decades ago, when two of Israel's fashion icons – Ms. Dana Unger and Ms. Miri Habas founded Unger Fashion Enterprise, Israel's exclusive house of luxury labels. Passion for prestige, insightful service, and a visionary approach led Dana and Miri to establish Amor, Unger's storefront. Dana and Miri, who are key enablers of high-end fashion brands in Israel, that deeply involved in the local luxury landscape, and highly acknowledged by global fashion designers worldwide, created Amor to celebrate beauty and excellence through fashion.

They lead Amor's network of four glamorous boutiques, driven by the values of Excellence, Stability, Authenticity, and Exclusivity.

Amor first store was opened in Kikar Hamedina, nested at the very heart of Israel's most fashionable high-class zone. This store is Israel's epic landmark for womenswear, and adjacent to it is Amor's top boutique for men, a magnate for Israel's elite. Two more locations include Amor Ramat Aviv Mall, in Tel Aviv's northern neighborhood, and Amor Eilat, in Israel's southern resort city.

Gracious service and our accurate care ensure that through all our Amor doors you can open-up to the fashion capitals of the world, here in Israel. 

For us, elite fashion is a way of life, a language, a philosophy emphasizing prestige. Our legacy leverages on exclusivity, and our lasting relationships remain at the core of our unique capacity. Amor offers fashion in a way that creates closeness, bringing together top brands and luxury fashion lovers by a bond of beauty.

We welcome you to visit our plush multi-brand boutiques. Step inside, and be inspired by a transformative experience, empowering you with the enchantment of exciting luxurious labels.